Recycled Cotton Macrame Cord - 3 ply Twist String 


Pink - Coloured Macrame Cord.


"Baby Pink"

A Pop of colour! This pink shade is warm and vibrant!. This colour is super feminine and fun and compliments bright home trend and green colour pallets neding an accent colour. It is consistent and solid in appearance.

Great for makers who are appealing to a more ecologically minded audience this string is soft and versatile. The definition between the three-ply cord is medium to high. It is densely wound and strong enough to hold and demonstrate the structure of any knot. 3-ply cords add a traditional look to any pattern or project and can be combed out to have wavy fringes. 

The colours of this Recycled 3 ply yarn collection have been selected by me to complement contemporary decorating trends. . Coloured Cords and strings add an up to date visual twist to macrame by stepping away from cords that are naturally coloured and often used in the past. You or your customers can express their individuality with this variety of shades that have a wow factor and can be blended with patterns and projects  to make wall hangings and plant hangers that are unique.

Also suitable for other crafts such as weaving, rug making and tapestry making 

Weight: 700g 

Length: 100 metres approx.

Composition: 3mm, 3ply Twisted 


Material: 5% mixed fibres, 95% recycled cotton.


Fringe/combs out?: yes with a wavy effect

3mm Coloured Macrame Cord | Baby Pink | Recycled Cotton | 3 ply | 10

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