1kg reel of Premium - Luxury Feel “Seriously Soft” Macrame Cord Part of the “Seriously Soft” Range. Approximately 320 meters per reel of 3mm diameter continuous single twist .


This cord is made up of fine cotton and has a low definition giving a smooth finish combs out like an absolute dream! This 1kg reel offers more meterage at approx 320 meters per spool.


Composition: Soft, fine base cotton, gives low definition between fibres and a smooth polished finish. Use:These cords come vacuum packed and expand a little when unpacked!

Any creation made with this macrame cord will be oozing bohemian vibes and a be gentle on hands too


Attributes:Unpackaged size 5mm diameter cord, approx 320 meters per reel.

Rainbow Flex 3mm Single Ply 320 meters