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Happy Crafting!

I'm Robyn Gough and here is a bit more about me and my business...

Welcome to my website!


I believe all crafts, like people, are equal, and that all people should have access to crafts.


I began as an illustrator, studying contemporary illustration at the Arts University of Bournemouth. It was during that time I began freelancing as an arts worker, working across a range of arts disciplines with clients ranging from businesses of all sizes through to schools and even with local councils. It was during this time that I turned my hand to my childhood love: Macramé.


Macramé helped me focus, helped keep me calm, helped me untangle and unwind. Soon I was creating big, beautiful, bohemian pieces. Each piece raised the bar - more complex, more aesthetic, more unique. As I developed my craft, I soon discovered I was able to make a comfortable living selling my hangings. Although this was never my original intention, creating bespoke pieces for others and seeing the joy each one brought made me decide to turn my craft into a business.


But as I fully immersed myself in the Macramé community, I realised there were a few problems.

I found myself asking:


“Why is macramé such a mysterious and undocumented craft?”

“Why is it so hard to buy the basic materials?”

“Why are all the patterns hard to find, or out of date?”

“Why is the best stuff always paid for?”


I’ve never been one to simply sit back and wait for things to straighten out by themselves, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. Using this site as my portal, I intend to give the world what it’s lacking: macramé - in all of its glory and complexity - unraveled.


Behind the scenes, I will source and develop the stuff I can’t teach, namely the finest quality supplies. This includes the softest cotton, specifically for the craft and unique to this community.


My personal mission goes beyond the arts and crafts. I simply love teaching others and helping those who don’t believe themselves be creative, find their potential and feel the benefits.


Nothing fills me with more joy than spreading the creativity in person. I’m still an active art worker - which means I’m fully DBS checked and regularly working with disadvantaged groups, including those exhibiting challenging behaviors. I wish to go out, into the community and deliver both 1:1s and workshops to everyone and anyone who wants me to.


And yes, I still love making my signature big, beautiful bohemian wall hangings. That will never change.


Whatever your macramé needs, I have them covered. Learning, supplying, sourcing, everything.


Let’s join the knots.







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