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Macrame Tutorial & Videos Patterns

Free Videos Lessons To Get You Knotting!

These tutorials are created to help first time makers learn three basic knots and a simple patterns to complete three different projects. These are the perfect DIY  Macramé Wall Hanging for total beginners lessons, each one building on the last.


These patterns are developed for beginners. Those who may not have even heard of Macramé until reading this sits. All videos also feature handy tips and full instructions.

REMEMBER: these tips can be used when making any Macramé, so feel free to come back later to refresh yourself on the basics. It’s also worth pointing out that these pattern are my own. I give permission for them to be used by individuals, but they are not for comercial reproduction. All I ask is that you let me know if I’ve helped you, and share the love!

This tutorial will  ready you to start exploring your own designs and are based on using three-knot combinations.

Let’s get started!...


Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.


In these videos I use a traditionally styled Macramé cotton cord which is available in my shop. It’s soft, easy to use and unravels gently should you want to create a shaggy fringe effect.


You will also need a wooden Dowel, stick or branch to make most pieces.