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This 3mm Macramé Cord has a super soft feel making it perfect for traditional looking Macramé projects.

A personal favorite, giving me that "signature" look on my hangings and plant hangers this spool of 3ply cord holds approx. 200 meters and weighs 1kg. The gently twisted spin on this cord gives it lowered tangle and snag tendencies as well as enabling quick unraveling for fringes!

Perfect for small to medium Macramé projects with bohemian vibes or plant hangers. This Macramé cord is Ivory/off-white in colour with flecks and colour notes sparsely wound throughout.

Approx. 200 meters per reel

Ivory/ off white coloured with minor blended flecks of colour (sparsely spaced)6 ends twisted under low tensions

Soft *cotton blend* cord/rope 3mm diameter

3mm Macramé Rope Natural 200m Super Soft

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