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Let’s talk

I currently offer...


blogs, vlogs, magazine articles and how to's 

(photographic, video and text based)

bespoke hangings
(of any size)


(for any event or purpose)

commercial commissions

(large scale tapestries and window displays)



(cords, ropes, strings and soon accessories)




full video tutorials



how tos

(also free)


personal advice, guidance, inspiration

(free to lovely people)


(of any size)


Everything I offer for free, will always be free. Everything I ask payment for, will always be given at a reasonable price.


I’m ready - so let’s start the conversation! Fill out the form below, and let me help you get started on your Macramé journey.


Just start with “Hi Robyn...”

Success! Message received. I'll get back to you ASAP!

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