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Advanced macrame patterns process - the "no designing" way explained

I wanted to share with you how I went about making "Echo" a complex macrame pattern with no planning, drawing or designing before hand. I must stress that I do sometimes draw designs for customers first. Particularly those outside of the country. But my lovely customer trusted me, so I felt it was ok to have a mystery reveal for her at the end instead - if she hated it I would have refunded her and kept this one for myself! as makers you will get a feel for if this is the best way to go with certain customers or not depending on their communications. Not everyone is the same!

This video has been put together to show step by step the process I went through and importantly what order my knots were made in. This design was completely organic and I worked on and off on it for 3 weeks. It was made using my 4mm Super Soft Macrame cord, which can be purchased here:

Instagram Progress Updates

I also made some posts on Instagram whilst I was in the process, but foolishly I didn't take too many as I was trying to keep the mystery for the big reveal.

Important lesson- take lots of pics of your progress and keep them for yourself!

First feature- main panel new knots combo-

Second feature

"The Rasberry"

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