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FAQ 1- How Much Macrame Cord Do I need?

This short series of quick-fire FAQs will tackle my most commonly asked questions.

Today I will answer: How much Macrame Cord do I need? Macrame Maths unraveled!...

#1 - Rule of thumb - STANDARD HANGINGS

4.5x the length of the hanging

A good rule of thumb is 4.5x the length of the intended piece. This advice sits within my Top tips for making your first macrame wall hanging

link here >>

#2 - Maybe a little longer?


6.5x the length of the hanging

But only if your hanging will feature several diagonal hitches as these knots gobble up cotton like nobody’s business, true also for complex patterns

#3 - How many Reels should I get?


I always say order two reels from the same batch!

It’s important to have enough cotton from the same batch before you start making any hanging. Before I began stocking cotton, I would always buy two reels at a time to guarantee it would come from the same batch. Even subtle changes in the yarn manufacture can make big difference to the overall quality of the hanging!

Ordering two 3mm cords at a time will give you 400 meters of guaranteed, same batch cotton to play with, alongside complete peace of mind.


Most of my hangings are made from my 3mm Macramé Cotton because:

- you get 240 meters in a reel

- it's affordable

- it’s great quality.

Think, what sort of hanging can you make with 1 reel of approximately 240 meters? With some careful planning, you could make something very large, and very impressive like this >>>

United kNots large macrame wall hanging pattern

Remember to go to the Shop here for all the cotton you need to start making hangings.

3mm, 4mm, 6mm Single play United knots macrame cord

If you liked this Macramé FAQ and would like to see more, let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram to see short clips, product updates and weekly personal projects to get inspired to start joining the knots yourself!

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