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Beginners Macrame Knots - 1. Larks Head Knot

So you've chosen to take the first steps to learning a new craft, fantastic! welcome aboard

Here is what you need to know in Basic steps

Your in the right place , let me guide you..

The best thing about Macramé craft is that it’s fast and easy to learn. By knowing how to tie just two basic knots, anyone is able to start making decorative pieces and hangings

Macramé has seen a recent big resurgence since its 1970’s heyday, with the art of knotting string into patterns re emerging now with a modern twist. To show you just how easy it can be, I've created three blog posts to give you a step-by-step Macramé tutorial, this is for first time makers of any ability:



I uses traditionally styled Macramé cotton cord which is available in many sizes and types on shop page. It’s soft, easy to use and unravels gently, making it perfect for the coveted ‘luxury fringe’ effect that macramé makes possible.


This is what you tie your knots onto. It is popular to use a wooden dowel, stick or branch to make wall hangings. For this tutorial, in the pictures, a 7cm diameter wood ring is used, but plastic will also suffice.


Unlike crochet or knitting, macramé does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

Step 1. How to ‘cast on’ using a larks head knot

  1. Measure and cut a length of cord

2. Take both ends and join them together, folding the cord in half

3. Push the folded ‘loop’ behind your dowel

4. Pull the ends up and through the loop securing a larks head knot

PRO TIP: these instructions can be used when making any Macramé hanging, so feel free to come back later to refresh yourself on the basics

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