5 Ways to shift "Creative Knots" - Tips for Staying Creative

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Urban Rose Guest Blog: by Sarah Waddilove

5 Ways to shift "Creative Knots"

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Let me tell you a little about myself and my business ...

The beginning of my Macramé journey was to me, like many others, a happy accident. I stumbled across a random post on Instagram a year and a half ago and was immediately fascinated at how such a simple series of knots could come together to be such a beautiful thing.

Now, I’ve always been creative, and am always looking at new and exciting ways to express myself. Macramé piqued my interest, so I took myself off to YouTube and taught myself the basics. The rest, as they say is history!

Being my own boss and building a network of likeminded people has also been high on my dream list..

..so I decided to take the plunge and blend business and pleasure together.

Urban Rose, a professional Macramé service, was born!

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The possibilities are truly endless with macramé. It isn’t just about wall hangings and plant hangers, you can do so much more: from handbags and cushion covers to hammocks and even tents!

The best part? There are always new knots to learn and unlimited options with patterns I’ll never get bored of it.

But then, even as a habitual creative, the dreaded ‘creative block’ is something I am prone to. Although frankly, most artists will own up to this if you ask them directly. You can’t escape it.

But one thing l have learnt during this journey is to not give up.

Usually it won’t last any more than a day or two, but sometimes the block lasts longer. That can get frustrating, and make people doubt themselves, creating ‘creative knots’

Today I want to I want to share my five favourite ways of untangling creative knots. They work for everything creative, of course, not just Macramé.

5 Ways to shift "Creative Knots"


Feel the stress and strain of a creative block just fall off your shoulders as you take in the glorious surroundings and clear your mind. If you can’t run, walk.

Purple macrame wall hanging made from wool on drift wood


What are other artists up too? It’s okay to be nosey (the best artists always are!) just don’t get caught in the trap of comparing yourself. You’re great in your own way!


When’s the last time you did something just for you? Run a bath, have a soak and relax. Best accompanied with some chocolate and a cheeky gin!


There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh new day full of new ideas. Turn your alarms off, and let yourself wake up naturally.