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FAQ2 Macramé - What Cord to Use?

Seeing awe-inspiring macramé and deciding to start this awesome craft has never been easier thanks to social media, and the web!

Lots of women around the world are turning their craft into a business and gaining an income from sharing their creativity with others. New macrame artists develop decorative products to sell online and often open their first stores every day in the UK!.

Before anyone starts their macramé journey, either for fun or for a profession, they must master the materials they want to use.

As someone who can honestly say that running my own macramé business has brought me huge amounts of joy and prosperity, today I’m going to answer common questions I'm asked about buying materials and supplies to help you with your pending macrame project.

Macramé - what cord to use?

To give you what you need to know I’ve broken down the different types, sizes, and attributes

If you find yourself asking

“Is macramé cord the same as paracord?”

“How strong does my cord need to be to start with?”

“What macramé cord thickness should I buy?”

Then consider the following advice below

Types of cotton macramé cord

1# Popular cord for first-time makers

Traditional in appearance and composed of 3 strands twisted together to form a uniform rope appearance, the definition between these 3 twisted strands is low. This cord is perfect of beginners and for achieving a go-to classic macramé look. Offers a “mermaid” wavy fringe if unraveled, holds shape well, and has a low tangle tendency when worked through hands

2#Traditional look, premium feel

Again this cotton cord is very similar to the Super Soft 3 ply twisted mentioned above but has a more structured twisted rope appearance, compared to the super soft, the definition between the 3 twisted strands is higher and more defined. A good choice for making macramé wall hangings with lots of textured. “HD” cord is a good all-rounder and suitable for makers of any ability to use in a variety of projects. Offers a “mermaid” wavy fringe if unraveled, holds shape well, and low tangle tendency, still soft to use for sensitive fingers! Choosing between 3 ply twisted cords, and deciding what level of definition you prefer normally comes down to personal preference!

3# Modern twist on a traditional craft – Instagram worthy, show-stopping fringes

Made of many ends twisted together “once” and produced through a lesser complex manufacturing process this cord gives a smooth finish when knotted thanks to low definition between the base finer yarn. A more modern choice and seen more in contemporary practice (and popular on Instagram) this cord combs out easily for super smooth and block fringes. Available in a wide variety of colors, this cord tangles a little easier than the 3 ply so is sometimes favoured by those who have had some practice with 3ply cords first!

Which Cotton Cord is Strong enough?

Regardless of which type of cord is your preference, they are all strong and capable of holding incredibly heavy plant pots and weights, however as they are cotton-based they are not weatherproof if your looking to make a plant hanger for keeping outside a garden jute would be much better!

You can shop my range of macramé cord here but if you have a specific project in mind and am not sure what size cord to buy, then I have devised a rough buying table below to help you with your decision making

What macramé cord thickness should I buy?

Although any cord will make any project, I have based these comments on my own opinion and what the cords are commonly brought for, for example, using a 3mm macramé cord for XL pieces is defiantly possible, but super time-consuming!

Table showing recommended Macrame cord sizes to use for different macrame projects

finished Project Macramé Cord Inspiration?

I recommend Our United Knots Community Pages on Facebook to connect with makers of all abilities and to post your beginner's questions. Full of Support and creativity this community is a great place to start, show off your finished projects and to make new friends!

Just click the links below >>

Ready to Start?

Now you are equipped with the basics on Macrame cord types - head over to the shop to pick your preference

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