Beginners Macrame Knots - 3. Alternating Square Knots

Here is what you need to know in Basic steps

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Knot 3- How To Alternate Square Knots!



I uses traditionally styled Macramé cotton cord which is available in many sizes and types on shop page.


This is what you tie your knots onto. It is popular to use a wooden dowel, stick or branch to make wall hangings. For this tutorial, in the pictures, a 7cm diameter dowel is used.


Unlike crochet or knitting, macramé does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

How to alternate a square knot

Alternating a square knot requires the same two step approach to making a standard square knot, but requires you to work with cords from two other square knots. For example:

  1. Cut four lengths of cord and hang them onto your ring/dowel using a larks head knot. This will leave you with eight hanging cords in total

2. Tie a square knot using the middle four cords

3. From this square knot, take the two left hand cords below and the left hand cords that are untied and create another square knot

4. Repeat the previous two steps but instead using the right hand cords of your first square knot and the remaining right hand cords that are untied

5. To tie the last knot, take the central four cords and tie another the final square knot in the middle