Beginners Macrame Knots - 5. Double Half Hitch Knots (Diagonally)

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Here is what you need to know in Basic steps

Knot 4- How To Tie Double Half Hitch Knots (diagonally)



I uses traditionally styled Macramé cotton cord which is available in many sizes and types on shop page.


This is what you tie your knots onto. It is popular to use a wooden dowel, stick or branch to make wall hangings. For this tutorial, in the pictures, a 7cm diameter dowel is used.


Unlike crochet or knitting, macramé does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

How to diagonal Double Half Hitch Knot

Half Hitch Knots are decorative when made alone and secure when duplicated to make a Double Half Hitch Knots sometimes known as Hitches

Half hitches alone look like below >>>>

Double Half Hitch knot-

Also known as a “Hitch”. This knot is is variation of the half hitch where the process is repeated twice.This is often used to create diagonal and horizontal lines in macramé pieces or to add new colours.

1.Choose a static cord to tie the Hitches around. Hold the static cord at the desired angle of the “line” you wish your knots to form when finished.

2.Using the next available hanging cord tie a Half Hitch around the static cord twice.

3.Pull to tighten the knots and move them to the desired position whilst still holding your static cord at the desired angle

4.To continue, choose the next available hanging cord and repeat steps 2 and 3 tying your two Half Hitches each time onto your static cord finishing with a pull to secure

5. Repeat steps 2,3 and 4 to complete a diagonal line of double half hitches