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DIY Macramé Coasters- BeginnersTutorial -Easy Step by Step

This tutorial was created to help first-time makers follow a simple weaving pattern to make macrame coasters for the home, a great addition to any tabletop, and keeps coffee rings and water marks off surfaces too!

This pattern was developed so that ANYONE, crafty or not, can make a professional standard home decor item. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of Macramé until reading this article. This simple step-by-step video will guide you through making your knots and will also feature handy tips and full pattern instructions to get your coasters pro standard!

WARNING: This is a totally addictive craft! This tutorial will ready you to start exploring more knots and DIY fiber arts and projects for your home! Once you’re hooked, don’t forget to head over to my other blogs for more video tutorials

Let’s get started!

Make Your Own Perfect Macrame Coasters!

macrame coaster one colour beige
one colour macrame coaster


Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

I use a contemporary styled Macramé cotton cord known as 3mm single ply - this is available in my shop here. It’s a very fine loose cord that is easy to use and unravels gently should you want to create a beautiful fringe effect


  • 3mm Recycled Single Ply Cotton Cord – Colour Stone beige

  • Scissors:

  • UK Link:

  • US Link:

  • Rotary cutter :

  • UK link:

  • US Link:


The easiest way to learn how to do this is to watch this full-length free tutorial video :

This video shows me making coasters for the second time. You can see me tie the initial knots in real time - repeated the method twice. And then when the method becomes repetitive, the rest of the knots are shown in double time

These coasters are created in 6 rings/ rows which I will explain in the following steps in the video I say rows/ring interchangeably, but they mean the same thing

Also to make the coaster with just one colour, you do not use two colours and stick with one, the video below is a bit more complex but the main thing t understand is

  1. how to start with a circle and tie the knots

  2. how to spot when you need to add extra cord in

  3. that it doesn't have to be an exact science! depending on your material and knot tightness depends on how many extra cords you will add in

  4. The best way to learn is to watch the video!

DIY Macrame Coasters Video- Beginners Tutorial- Easy Step-by-Step


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