DIY Macramé Wall Hanging- Valentine’s Craft Idea -Beginners Tutorial and Easy Step by Step

Fun and Easy DIY Home Decor Project - Macramé love wall hanging - Easy Tutorial

Tutorial By Robyn Gough

This Love Wall hanging tutorial was created to help makers follow a simple pattern chart to make a macrame wall hanging decoration.

This pattern was developed so that ANYONE, crafty or not, can make a professional standard home decor item. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of macramé until reading this article. This simple step by step video and pattern pdf will guide you through making your knots and will also feature handy tips and full pattern instructions to make your own letters/ words in future. WARNING: this is a totally addictive craft! This tutorial will ready you to start exploring more knots and DIY fibre arts and projects for your home ! Once your hooked, don’t forget to head over to the other blog or video tutorials page to learn more crafts for free!

Let’s get started!

Make Your Own LOVE Macramé Letters Wall Hanging !

Equipment Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

I use a contemporary styled Macramé cotton cord known as 5mm seriously soft - this is available in my shop here . It’s a very fine based loose cord that is easy to use and unravels gently should you want to create a beautiful fringe effects or smooth knots


  • 2 Colours of 5mm Seriously Soft Single Ply Cotton Cord

  • Dressmakers Scissors

Fiskars Amplify Dressmaking Scissors 24 cm

  • Comb or wire pet brush

  • a wooden dowel or stick


The easiest way to learn how to do this is to watch this full-length free tutorial video

This video shows me tieing the initial knots in real-time - repeating the method twice. When the method becomes repetitive, the rest of the knots are shown in double time

This Tutorial requires a double half hitch knot throughout

How to tie Double Half Hitches

This hanging is also easily made by following a colour block chart. I have created one for you which looks like the below. You can download this and print at home by clicking the download image below!


Love Pixel Pattern PDF
Download PDF • 1.93MB

Macramé Cord Measurements Needed

  • 16 lengths of 5mm Single Ply 80cm/31.5inches

  • A supply of Alternative coloured cord for text colour

  • A supply of cord that is the colour you want for your background

*if you follow these steps exactly you should have some length left over at the end for a fringe length of your choosing

Watch the Tutorial video in full to learn:

1. How to Double Half hitch Knot

2. How to Double Half Hitch Knot in reverse direction

3. How to add in a new colour at any point.<