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DIY Macrame Owl pattern - Beginners Tutorial- Easy Step by Step

fun and easy macrame wall hanging pattern - Arnold the macrame Owl

Macrame wall hanging owl pattern
Macrame owl pattern tutorial

Tutorial By Robyn Gough

This tutorial was created to help first time makers follow a simple knotting pattern to make a macrame owl wall hanging for the home, a great addition to any home to give a vintage macrame owl vibe!

This pattern was developed so that ANYONE, crafty or not, can make a professional standard home decor item. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of Macramé until reading this article. This video tutorial and photographic step by step will guide you through making your knots and will also feature handy tips and full pattern instructions to get your knots to a pro standard! WARNING: this is a totally addictive craft! This tutorial will ready you to start exploring more knots and DIY fibre arts and projects for your home ! Once your hooked, don’t forget to head over to the blog or video tutorials page to learn more crafts for free!

Print your instructions at Home Click To download free PDF >>>

Large file

2diy macrame owl pdf
Download PDF • 179.29MB

Medium file

diy macrame OWL medium PDF file
Download PDF • 17.45MB

Small file

diy macrame OWL small pdf file
Download PDF • 1.33MB

Let’s get started!

Make Your Own Perfect Macrame Coasters!


Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots.

I use a traditionally styled Macramé cotton cord in this pattern known as 4mm 3ply twisted - this is available in my shop here. Because it is a 3 ply cord it creates wavy effect fringes when unravelled to describe the owl's wing feathers (very cute!)


  • 4 mm 3 ply Cotton Cord (Click to Buy at my store)

Method- Video Tutorial

The easiest way to learn how to do this is to watch this full-length free tutorial video :

This video shows me making just 3 basic knots!

a larks head knot to secure the lengths of cotton to the dowel

diagonal double half hitches to make diagonal lines to describe the owl's shape

and square knots to describe the owl's eyes and body feathers

You can learn these beginners knots here on my dedicated knot pages (click image)

Measure and cut first!

  • Owl Body: Measure 8 lengths of cord that are 8ft 4/ 254cm / 100 inches2.Owl Wings:Measure 12 lengths of cord that are 2ft 11 / 35 inches / 86cm

  • Owl Wings: Measure 12 lengths of cord that are 2ft 11 / 35 inches / 86cm

Step by Step Photographic Tutorial - How to make Macrame Owl pattern - Arnold the Owl - Easy Method

for a print at home, version click the pdf to download below

diy macrame OWL medium PDF file
Download PDF • 17.45MB

2diy macrame owl pdf
Download PDF • 179.29MB

Online Step by Step Macramé Owl

Marvel in your creative genius! Providing you had no trouble following the video and these step-by-step picture notes, you now have your first ever macramé owl! Hello, world it’s Arnold!

:) Remember this tutorial is free because I sell macrame cord from my shop. To support more free lessons please do consider going to my Shop for all the supplies you need to create these coasters.

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You can this pin to your boards too!


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