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How to Design Your Own Pixel Macrame Wall Hangings -Valentines Craft

Product photographed above:

Patterns that include repeating Macrame knots are always popular with beginners!

This Pixel art style hanging has a simple process that is easy to follow and in this blog, it shows how I designed the chart to make a valentines craft, my “Love macrame“ wall hanging and also how you can use this process to design other words for hangings of your own message in future.

You only need to know 1 knot for this type of pixel art macrame pattern and you also need to know how to include new colours using this knot. So this pattern is friendly for beginners and intermediates alike.

You can see in full how to tie a vertical double half hitch by clicking here>

Know Your Knots! How to Verticle Double Half Hitch Blog Here

If you would like to make different words within a wall hanging you will need two colours and a predetermined plan or pattern, you can make your own plan either in an app called "Knit Cart" or on a computer using an ”Online Knitting chart generator” such as "StitchFiddle"

Great Tools For Designing Your Own Pixel Art...

By Manipulating Knitting Chart Generators you can set up a chart for "colour only" or cross-stitch crafts that allow you to draw onto a grid using colour blocks only! Fantastic for visualising your knots and changes in colour.

Some Knitting Chart Generators are free but these do take some getting used to with either limit on how many images you can make or lots of adverts

Alternatively If your not computer savvy I don’t see why not a good alternative wouldn’t be some graph/ grid paper and some colour pens to fill in and colour blocks to visualise your design. I like working on a computer or iPad because if I make a mistake I can erase it without having to start afresh.

How to Set Up A KnittingChart For Macramé

Lots of Macrame enthusiasts do not know that online knitting chart generators exist and have never used one.

In this video, I show how to use a knitting chart generator on my Ipad Pro. The app has a free version and a paid version, I started with free but it is very limited, so I have paid £19.99 for the year subscription which I do think is reasonable as it is a great tool!


Here is a video of my iPad screen as I set up a document on KnitChart

Free online/web browser (non-iPad / iphone app) knitting Chart generator - Stitch fiddle

If you do not have an IPad - you can look for an online version of a knitting Chart generator - I have also used StitchFiddle to draw colours onto a chart to represent my knots In the past!

StitchFiddle is free but has basic coloring in functions whereas the app knit chart has preloaded letter designs (why I prefer the paid-for app)

But not everyone is flush, so here is a quick document set up- how to set up a simple Stitch Fiddle Chart for colour blocks and designing pixel art....

Head over to and create a new chart

Choose “other”

For my small hanging, I used 16 columns and 17 rows

Press create a chart and a blank stitch fiddle chart for drawing on should appear...

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