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Do you want to learn how to master macramé patterns?

Or are you simply looking for a place to source the best quality cotton cord?


Either way, United Knots is here to teach you how to macramé your way to making and designing your own beautiful pieces.

Welcome to United Knots! That’s me there, I'm Robyn Gough.

A cotton-loving crafter, qualified textiles artist, and master of macramé, here to teach you crafts online for FREE! 

For me, it is more than just my hobby, it is my career and business. This website's resources and products are driven by my desire to teach macrame and to raise the profile of this craft by reaching as many people as possible.


I believe that everyone - no matter what their wealth or status - should be able to experience the benefits of making beautiful things using their hands and should be able to explore textiles design and craft.


As an artist, I used to create beautiful things for beautiful people. Now, using this website and online community as my portal, I want to create beautiful things with beautiful people.



Robyn Gough


Textiles Designer and Macrame Mentor


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